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Medical Practice

Provide timely diagnosis to diseases

As doctors, you have a lot on your plate. You have to cater to your patient's concerns, do administrative tasks and handle insurance matters. Irrespective of the type of doctor you are you have an insufficient amount of time in your hands.

Chat Outsource is here to make your life easy. We can help you enlarge your medical practice by providing precise, low-cost and engaging managed chat support to existing and potential clients who require your help.

We Can Help If

  • You want a quality chat support for your hospital
  • You want to provide a timely diagnosis to diseases
  • You want to help your patients by looking after their health
  • You want to solve patient problems before their visit
  • You want agents with good knowledge of the health industry
  • You want 24/7 live chat support on your website

From the sales side, customers who use Live Chat on our site are 4.85 times more likely to make a purchase and their per-session value is almost 400% higher than the site average. – Kyle Therriault, VP of Internet Strategy & Business Development at

What We Can Do?

  • Reduce support cost
  • Enhanced Health assistance
  • Improve customer support
  • Answer Health inquiries
  • Board-certified specialist agents
  • Handle insurance concerns
  • Expand market reach
  • Proactive outreach
  • Reports and analytics