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What exactly do you offer? Or mean by Managed Live Chat Support?

We offer fully managed, 3rd party, end to end live chat agent support to businesses on their websites so that they can focus on what they can do the best. Meanwhile, we maintain the highest level of online chat support and help in generating more online leads.

Do you also offer chat software?

Yes. We offer Free Chat Software to all our Chat Outsource Customers. We will provide you a script which you can upload to your website backend and our Chat Outsource Widget will appear on your website. Click here to view our chat software features.

Do you offer agents for single shift?

Yes, we do offer live chat agents to businesses during their preferred working hours. However, we empower your business to stay open around the clock throughout the year, if you want.

Do you offer customized plans?

At Chat Outsource, we offer two types of pricing modules; Agent-based pricing (Agent Pro & Agent 24x7 Packages) and Chat-based pricing (Chat Pro Package). All three of these packages have been tailored to ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction Rate in Guaranteed Lowest Prices across all industries. However, you can also customize a package. Click here to chat with our representative and create your own customized package now.

What if the number of chats on my website in a month is less than my activated package?

At Chat Outsource, we allocate your brand to industry certified live chat agents, who put their best effort in converting your lost leads & increasing revenue, while taking customer satisfaction rate to 100%. If the number of chats on your website in a month is less than your activated package, you can choose a different package which suits your needs better. The remaining number of chats is not carried forward in the next month since the billing is done on a monthly package basis.

What if the number of Chat on my website in a month exceeds my current package?

If the number of chats on your website exceeds your current package, the excess chats will be charged on per-chat basis according to the pricing of your selected package. The excess amount will be charged on your next billing date.

Do You Provide Free Live Demo?

Yes. We provide a basic and completely Free Demo. Our certified live chat agents can be ready as early as 2 hours for your demo. Click here to Request a Free Live Demo!

What is Free Demo?

It’s Free & Basic! After carefully evaluating your website’s current performance statistics through our patented website evaluation system, Website Analytica ® our certified live chat agents prepare over your knowledgebase. We Will email you a Free Live Demo Link. Once you click on the link, you will land on our website's demo page with the look & feel of your website. You can chat with our agent as a customer to test his knowledge & chat management expertise in reference to your website. Our agent will chat with you as your company’s representative. Once you are completely satisfied, you can select a package that suits your needs best and get started.

How your team will know what services & product I sell?

We know that you value your website visitor. Keeping in mind that every business has its own dynamics, we design a comprehensive offshore customer support model which focuses to provide the best customer experience that businesses love. We also provide knowledge-based training to our live chat agents that we devise with our clients to ensure SOPs are not compromised.

What type of training will be provided to your live chat agents for my website?

To maintain the highest level of offshore customer support, we continuously provide them with a broad range of customer care training focused on your company and services or products that you offer. It includes basic company info, services and products, company policies, processes and procedures, payment queries and refund exchange process and policies customer commonly ask for. We also train them to understand your customer demography, market, industry, competitors etc.

How do you maintain quality?

Our aim is to set a new quality offshore customer support benchmark in the industry that gives a competitive advantage to all of our customers. To achieve this, we train our live chat agents to go beyond customer expectation meanwhile ensuring client’s SOPs.

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