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Using Chat Outsource the company was able to increase its sales by 42%

Silver shack is a prominent online clothing store based in the United Kingdom. The company was founded back in 2010 in Birmingham. Silver shack believes in providing its customers with the latest fashion trends at the minimum time possible. The company aims to become a market leader and become the biggest fashion retailer online, delivering the most recent fashion at affordable prices to its customers worldwide.

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The UK-based company had a twofold mission. The company previously has their in-house support team and were limited to the working only for business hours. The company wanted a 24/7 chat support on their website they wanted to reduce their customer support costs without compromising on the quality. Secondly, the company wanted to increase its sales by providing chat support to their clients.


We provided them with six chat agents who would work in shifts to provide round the clock customer support. This allowed the company to now provide chat support all the time but also reduced their customer support cost to half in comparison to their previous in-house support. Chat Outsource has been providing support to the company for the last four years. On average we get about 160 orders/day, since employing our services the company in the last four years have seen an increase in their sales by 42% and the company has also improved their customer retention rate.

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As you can see the company was able to increase its sales to 42% using Chat Outsource.

Bottom Line:

Using Chat Outsource the company was able to increase its sales by 42% and saw a substantial improvement in its retention rate. The company is very content with our service and looks forward to do business with us.