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After employing chat outsource our live chat support cost has reduced by 60%

LineDox Pvt. Ltd is a leading and recognized online travel agency headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E. Our Company is an online travel firm which specializes in providing booking services for flights, hotel accommodation, and international holiday packages around the world. The company began its journey back in 2008 with the mission of providing quality travel solutions at a minimum price with the lowest amount of time possible.

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From the very first day, we knew that to be successful doing this business we require a quality-focused customer service support. Initially, we relied on phone and email support and achieved great success. However, there was a lot more potential to our study that we could have achieved. Hence, with the changing trend and increase in the popularity of chat support, we decided to have our in-house chat support, team. Unfortunately, our plan of in-house support team didn't pan out that well. Our customer support staff were having difficulty adjusting to chat support and secondly our costs were increasing on the other hand. On the recommendation of one of business partners, we decided to try Chat outsource live chat support.


As soon as we integrated Chat Outsource's chat support on our travel website we started to see improvement. First of all, they have some of the best packages which are customizable to your business needs as well. After employing Chat Outsource our live chat support cost has reduced by 60% of what we were bearing before. Secondly, it also has taken a lot of burden off of our other customer support staff who were having difficulty managing their core task on top of this. Moreover, our bookings have been increasing which ultimately has increased our online sales. We get regular reports of their performance and the difference their support has made to our business with customer behavior insights.

Reduction in Customer Support cost for LineDox

As you can see, LineDox was able to reduce its live chat support by 60% by using our live chat support service.

Bottom Line:

We are very delighted with Chat Outsource's live chat support. They have gone over and above to provide excellent service for our business. We have reduced our overall customer support cost and have also been seeing a great increase in our business. We like how their chat support can be integrated with other support software and are always trying to add new features to their chat support. Just Incredible.