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With the help of chat outsource in the last six months we have increased our car reservation by 50%

Globalcast is an auto trading company which has its headquarters in Japan and its sales division based in different parts of the world. The company started its operations in 2010 and has become the fast growing used car exporter around the world with predominant sales in Africa, Sub-Continent, and Middle East region. The company’s success also majorly depends on rapidly increasing its market share and providing the best customer service experience to its clients differentiating it from the rivals operating globally. Chat Outsource’s live chat support has proved to be utterly beneficial for our business says Rebeca Stewart, CEO of Globecast.

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As an auto trading company that serves its customers in multiple regions of the world, Our success resides in the quality of cars and providing the best customer service. With the change in consumer preference, more customers are looking to purchase products online. Ever since we started to emphasize more on making sales more through our online portal, we released that even though there was a promising traffic to our website, but there was almost no car reservation. We realized that customers were coming on to our websites and were getting confused with the buying and shipping process and in turn were then leaving the site. The reason for this behavior for the lack of a chat representative facility on our website.


On various recommendation, we decided to opt for chat outsource for live chat support and immediately started seeing results. They have transformed how we used to business with our customers. Their chat agents were thoroughly trained with the knowledge-based developed through our business module and products. Communicating with their chat agents does not feel like they are an outsourced resource. The know how to engage the audience and provide the appropriate solution to their car buying queries. With the help of chat outsource in the last six months we have increased our car reservation by 50% out of which 30% have converted into successful sales. Moreover, there has been a substantial increase in our customer satisfaction rate.

% Change in Sales

As can be seen, the Company increased its Sales by 30% live support in its first sixth month of using Chat Outsource

% Change in Reservation

As can be seen, the Company increased its Reservation by 50% in its first sixth months of using Chat Outsource live support

Bottom Line:

Chat Outsource has provided us with the best live chat solution for our business. We have not only reduced our costs but have also seen the increase in our reservation and sales that we wanted. We are really satisfied and looking forward to doing business with them.