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With the help of Chat outsource the company has reduced its wait time to below 20s.

ELECOMS is an ecommerce portal based company in Qatar. The company was founded back in 2009 with the aim of providing the best customer service to its customers. The company has expended its operations to mainly Asia and Africa and wishes to expand its business to Europe and United States and aspires to become one of the biggest online ecommerce store in the world.

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The Qatar based company wanted to provide a multilingual support for its customers worldwide. The company were previously relying on a combination of in-house call and chat support. However, due to increasing demand and their mission to expand in to multiple continents the company was looking for 24/7, multilingual chat support for its customers. The company was getting a lot of non-English speaking customers from different part of the world and were unable to properly attend to their grievances.


Recognizing the needs of the company, Chat Outsource used a combination chat support agent and cloud based software that could translate conversation in real-time. As chat agents engage with customers in English, our software automatically translate the language for the customer in their native language. Ever since the integration of our solution to their ecommerce portal the company has reduced its wait time to below twenty seconds and has enabled customers to communicate to chat irrespective of their language preference.

Change in response time

As can be seen the average wait time for ELECOMS was decreased to 20 seconds using Chat Outsource services.

Bottom Line:

Using Chat Outsource the company was able to reduce its queue and wait for its customers to below 20 seconds from minutes. The change allows our client to actively engage its audience in the shortest period of time.