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With the help of Chat Outsource the company has increased its sales by 35%

Caveshade is a charity organization which operates internationally. The company works with the local groups, communities of the third world countries to eliminate poverty. Caveshade works along societies in Asia to deliver workable answers to the difficulties stopping children from accessing education. We pay attention to the groups we work with, learn from them during the development process and warrant that programs are sustainable in the long-term for a lasting impact.

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The company was looking for an affordable customer support solution that can be instrumental in lead generation. For accomplishing their aim, the company relies on donations and voluntary services and fund raising activities which required a representation of officials on the website.


Chat Outsource was approached for providing a solution. We implemented our chat service on to their website. Our chats agents were trained with the knowledge based developed to better serve the companies need of collecting funds, donations through their website. We have increased their monthly sales by 35% within the first 3 months.

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There was a 35% increase in the sales of Caveshade using Chat Outsource within the first 3 months.

Bottom Line:

Using Chat Outsource the company was able to increase its sales by 35% within the first three months. We have been working very closely with Caveshade and are constantly looking to enhance our chat support to provide them with our services better.