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  • Decrease dependency on other support mediums.
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What makes our Online Chat
Different than the Rest?

You may have the best of product and services on your website and even then experience below average sales just because you do not have the proficient customer support operators. But that should not mean that you give up on your mission to provide the best customer service to your clients. According to stats, there is a 3X chance of your clients finalizing their purchase when proactively engaged by live chat operator. However, such people don’t come at a cheap price. It is a very difficult task to hire chat operators with such capabilities leave alone training them.

Outsource your Live Chat Operators requirements to us and get our services at the best prices any company can offer. Chat Outsource’s team of chat agents are one of the most sought after text chat operators around the World Wide Web. Our online chat operators go through extensive training with the focus on providing the best customer service with best customer engagement practices. Their training involves developing high- level cognitive abilities that give them the opportunity to understand user’s issues and handle irritated customer skillfully. Moreover, our training enables our text chat operators to handle multiple chat sessions at the same time, saving your costs and improving efficiency. This ultimately results not only in higher sales but also leads to an increase in customer retention.

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Why Hire Our Services ?

We give our clients many reasons to choose Chat Outsource as an extension to their customer support department.

  • 24/7 Avialbility
  • Increase Conversion
  • Smart Chat Triggers
  • Personalized Messages
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Reduce Expenses

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Our in-house live chat support team helps you to get onboard through a quick sign-up process moving you to next step of activation.

Creating Knowledge Base

We create knowledge base to get you a smartly customized live chat support solution meeting all your business requirements and industry nature.

Agents Training

Our team of chat agents go through rigorous process of training through the knowledge base developed To familarize themselves with your product and services,website,developed scripts and company as a whole.


Now we are set to meet and greet your website visitors though our smartly trained agents, getting you more sales leads than ever before.

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