Why Choose Chat Outsource for Live Chat Support Services?

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Lead Generation

Throughout the chat session, your dedicated support agent will collect customer email and phone details, along with the details of the inquiry which will be posted to you within 60 seconds as a pre-qualified lead. So you can act promptly.


Optimizing Conversion

Our professional live chat agents pinpoint your website visitors need and help you boost your sales conversion by 3 times.


Intelligent Chat Routing

Our chat agents will distribute chats intelligently to a specific department and an assigned individual from your company to get the quickest solution.



Our chat agents will engage with your website visitors proactively to offer customized support as per your client’s preferences.


Stay Open

With professional live chat agents on your website, your business remains open 24/7/365


Social Media Support

Nowadays, business is where your customer is and that's why we empower our clients on all social platforms for chat support and help them socialize.


Continual Chat

Keeping a record of your website visitors enables our live chat agents to offer chat support based on our communication history.


Multi-site Support

For companies with multiple websites or diverse businesses, we have a special package to provide them with comprehensive chat support at one place.

Make It Over Your Own Way

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Seasonal Offer

We remain connected with your business and so we maintain chat support based all aligned with seasonal offers and promotions you have on your website

Customized Training

We will create a training program customized according to your needs after understanding your business ethics and needs. All responses and conversations will be exactly the way you would speak to your prospects yourself!

Engage Your Visitor In
A More Personalized Way

Targeted Support

Professional Live Chat Agents to cater your website visitors as unique as they are.

Customer Identifier

Our chat agents can identify your returning visitors and greet them using their name, eg: Hello Terry, how may I help you today? How personalized is that!

Custom Greetings

Posting a tailored greeting can be the most effective way of starting a conversation. We implement a custom message to each website of your page which triggers when a visitor enters your website.

Powerful Analytics On Your Finger Tips

Real-Time Reporting

Provides you with real time reporting to your email along with complete visitor’s information and chat transcript as soon as chat ends.

Visitor Tracking

Our chat agent closely monitors your website visitor's location and acts accordingly. We can see if the visitor is local, interstate or overseas which helps serve “your clients” better.

Use Unused Chats

All unused chats of past month will automatically be carried forward to next month and help you save more.

Flawless Backend Support


CRM Integration

Our technology seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM software so customer and revenue management is never an issue.


High-speed Cloud

The chat will not affect your website page load timing as the applications are using heavy duty cloud hosting and also has Asynchronous Loading to overcome overloads.


Mobile Optimized

Usage of mobile phones is predicted to reach up to 70% in 2017. Keeping that in mind live chat is incomplete without the focus on mobile friendly experience.


Co-browsing Ready

Co-browsing works like a personal GPS for your visitors on your website. Our support agents can help navigate your website visitors through your website in real-time because we want to make sure you never miss a sale or appointment!