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Why Outsourced 24×7 Live Chat Agents Are the Best Option for Your Business 

24×7 live chat agents are the best option when you are a startup. Even if you are an accomplished business, it still saves you a lot of costs on hiring new agents, and creating space and equipment for them. Hence 24×7 live chat agents are the cheapest way to encourage customers to be involved and engaged on your web pages and to bring in more profit to your business.

There are three options when it comes to 24×7 live chat agents.Following are the merits and demerits for each of the option so that you could choose the best for your specific needs;

Hire a chat operator

The very first option for you is to hire your own staff for your pre-existing customer service team. Implementing live chat with your current team could turn into a disaster, unless your current team is considerably under-worked. A skilled chat operator who is working full time would be able to handle approximately 800 support chats in a certain month.
Start with a single resource, and increase the resource on need bases, depending on the increasing sales volume. This might cost you a bit more, as training and equipment must be provided, also there would be need of more space for that resource and might cause you inconvenience if you are working on a budget and confined space.

Hire Freelancers

The second option is to hire freelancers. You can use several sites on the web to findfreelancers who are willing to take over customer support for you. Live chat is much easier to set up than phone support on a remote basis, so you get that advantage in cost savings. Freelancers would run a wide range of prices, however, from cheap to highly expensive. The difference in price would, to some extent, indicate the level of their skill and experience. The disadvantage with this is that the freelancers who are low priced are not skilled enough and hence would not be beneficial, and those who are skilled, would charge you a lot. Hence the problems associated with the cost might not be solved, particularly if you want to work in a budget.

Outsource Live Chat Support

The third option is to outsource your customer support and get 24×7 live chat agents for your business. These are skilled professionals and work on contractual basis with the company you outsource your projects to. Test them by designing a small test, know your sales volume, set benchmarks and oversee the outsourced chat support by tools that you design, as you know your business the best. The best thing is that a company who you may outsource the live chat to, would present you with monthly reports highlighting the performance of your website, and would also provide insights on the customer feedbacks and their FAQs.

These contractual based outsourced chat agents work in a budget, hence you could easily let the 24×7 live chat agents work their magic, while you place your attention on other important matters. Outsourcing your work is the cheapest option to provide your customers with professional assistance on your webpage and the best customer engagement services.

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