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What can a live chat software do for your business?

There is no doubt that live chat is the most popular channel of communication for customers when purchasing online. Over the last few years, this support channel has been growing at a staggering rate with the help of best live chat software. A good live chat software has this ability to increase your business conversion by giving clients immediate access to live chat agents while they are surfing on your website. But, this needs to be done correctly, just having a small chat window right there on your site is not going to do the job.

When done correctly a live chat software can help achieve customer loyalty, greater conversions, and a devoted and passionate customer base.

An ideal chat software would provide its users with tools that can assist in knowing the customer and their preferences in a better manner. It’s going to include analytics showing which pages, the time spent and how did they end up there. A lot of new software also provide a feature whereby observing the behavior of the visitor the software can determine should a live chat interaction be made.

Moreover, live chat support does not have to be restricted to only providing customer support.It can also be used increase the average cost of a  sell through up and cross selling and on occasions even a down sale if the client is a bit reluctant.

Most of the users who are present on the internet and are at the website have kind of already made their mind to purchase a product. This opportunity can be exploited by up-selling their purchase when conversing with them. According to stats customers who avail the chat function are 14% more prone to increase their order size.

Live chat should not be misunderstood as a tool that marketing tool rather it’s a mode of communication that connects your business to your potential buyer in a far effective way than just resolving queries and questions.

When used in its correct form live chat can be a useful promotional tool that can lead to building brand loyalty, propagates call to action and gets you devoted fans.


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