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Offshore Chat Agents – The lean and mean customer engagement machine

Sometimes offshore chat agents can be the best option when your other choice is to use the resources that are much needed elsewhere. This is true, especially if your website receives a high amount of traffic, the product or the service being offered is not very complicated, and the processes too, are simple. In such a situation, offshore chat agents could prove to be a cheaper and a much more efficient option as opposed to adding to the company’s own customer support employees. This prevents investing time and money in their training and also saves you from losing all potential customers until the new employees are ready to take over their official duties.

Though the overall idea seems to be nice and applicable to a business, but just like everything else this too comes with its fair share of pros and cons Some of its major pros and cons are listed below;


  • Offshore Chat agents have the precision and the operational skill sets, which they need to handle the high volumes of incoming chat requests.
  • They have the ease of focusing on only one task and channel, with undivided attention, and without having to be distracted by some other function of your business that may require your immediate attention.
  • Outsourcing is also a cost effective method as you don’t have to take care of any recruiting, training and managing of the chat operators.


  • There is a need to provide the chat operators with the adequate product/service specific training through product manuals and other learning material.
  • You may still face a need to divert some of the more specific questions to your own support team.
  • You service quality through various channels you use might vary, for instance live chat vs phone.


Offshore chat agents can typically answer approximately 80% of the visitors’ questions in real time – right there and then, meaning that only the remaining 20% is left for you to follow up and answer. Experienced live chat operators may also handle approximately 5 chat conversations at the same time – via multitasking, which means that they can handle high volumes of incoming live chat requests very easily unlike other support medium such as email and phone calls.

As offshore chat agent does not have to take care of any other support channel, they may also have the advantage of being able to focus on one task only. A big reason why many companies already opt for outsourcing is because of professional chat agents, whose role is to initiate a conversation with a potential customer and gently steer the customer forward to the internal support. It is then, and only if and when needed, that the chats can be directed to the internal customer support and sales specialists for additional information and help.


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