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Live Chat Support vs. Phone Support: which is more cost effective

It has become essential that to retain your customers; you provide the best customer service. There has been a change in consuming spending habits, and more and more consumers are opting to purchase good and service over the internet. This poses the question for a lot of businesses to decide which support medium to use. The following article is going to help decide whether to opt for chat or phone support service for your business.

• According to recent research online chat support is much more economical than phone support service. Live chat support allows agents to talk to multiple customers simultaneously. This just shows that a company needs fewer employees to handle the same number of customers in comparison to telephone support.

• Similarly, online chat support is cheaper to implement and also is up gradable with little finance. In contrast, a call center support requires a huge investment and is harder to deploy and maintain.

• Moreover, customers have to wait for long hours and queue when it comes to having a conversation with a company phone representative. Whereas live chat support instantly connects you to your audience and resolve their queries.It furthers gives your business the opportunity to rapidly connect your client with your most knowledgeable customer support representative and address any of their issues.

• Moreover, according to a recent study by the forester, companies which employ a live chat support on their website have seen an over 18% increase in their online revenue.

These findings suggest that a chat support service is a much viable option over phone support. A chat support is cheaper to implement and upgrade and generates an increase in revenue. It allows chat agents to communicate with multiple customers’ simultaneously and resolve client issues and queries in a shorter period.

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