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In-house vs. Outsource Chat Support: you which one should go for

In-house vs. Outsource Chat Support: you Which one should go for


Businesses often come across a dilemma when choosing to provide customer service through life chat support. The dilemma is whether to go for in-house live chat support or outsource it to a foreign entity. A lot of companies have managed to integrate chat support to their business websites but have not been able to reap as many rewards. On the other hand, for companies that have gone for live chat support when executed properly have produced substantial customer service benefits for many companies.

Here is a list of few things you should look out for when making the decision whether to in-house or outsource live chat support.

  • It is very important that your chat representatives have extensive knowledge regarding your business, product and services. Such as chat agent would not only be able to provide customer service but would also be able to identify hidden want of the customers.
  • It is very expensive when a company chooses to go for in-house customer support or live chat service. Most companies try to utilize their available internal resources which create problems employees are able to devote themselves to one function of the business and hence it affects their productivity. In comparison, an outsourced live chat agent service would have dedicated agents just handling your support.
  • Another factor that fails to get the attention of companies is the environment. A conventional customers service agent is very different a live chat agent. The former role requires having one on one in personal, email or over the telephone communication and would create issues for them initially. Whereas there would be no such issue when outsourcing managed chat support.
  • Similarly one of the most important aspects of outsourcing chat support is years of customer experience your company can gain from. The agents that you are assigned would probably have worked for other companies as well and have the remaining to provide the best customer service. They know how to proactively engage the customer with the help of smart triggers as they understand customer pain points and capitalize on it by chatting with the audience.

There are many factors that companies should consider when deciding to go in-house chat support which are cost, internal employee expertise, environment and product knowledge. Analyzing these factors can help businesses make their decision and provide effective customer service.

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