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Important tips to provide the best after sales service in automobile industry

Most of the automobile companies often try to achieve competitive advantage and customer loyalty by providing new and advanced features in their cars. However, the most important factor in achieving these goals is to provide the best customer and after sales service that eventually leads to customer retention. Let’s examine a few tips which can help elevate your customer service.


  • A happy customer can be turned into a disappointed one if not provided with proper customer care. No customer wants to stand in long queues, and often customers visit service center unplanned and a delay in service can prove to be detrimental. A great option is to encourage your customers to book appointments which can be done through various mediums. A cost effective way of doing this is to provide online chat support which can be done either in-house or you can take the service of customer service outsourcing companies. Customers would not have to queue for long through phone calls and appointments, and other queries could be resolved relatively fast. Through booking appointments, the chances of missing maintenance service also decrease which leads to regular maintenance of your customer’s cars.


  • Customer relationship management is another way through which you can take yours after sales service to the next level. Personal interaction with customers makes them feel as they are part of the company and the firm values their opinion. Knowing the name of the customer and their vehicle preferences and providing tips shows the customer that you care about them. Since most of the consumers do their research online these days when making a purchase you in-house or through online customer service outsourcing companies.


  • Provide customer with lounge and special services while they wait for the maintenance of their cars. Customers often stand outside service centers waiting for their vehicle to get services. Provide facilities such as Wi-Fi, free coffee and tea, and magazines to give them a better experience. Showing them that you care about them by offering the best customer service.

Good after sales service is extremely important for customer retention. Companies should focus on providing services to its clients that save their time, results in a pleasurable experience and make them feel like they are the part of your company. All these facilities can help build the best customer loyalty and competitive advantage.

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