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Important live chat agent service strategies for your Ecommerce website


Online live chat support has several benefits and can be used for all sort of websites and is a must for an e-commerce site. Live chat support can help reduce your dependency on other support forms and also it is the cheapest of the lot. Nevertheless, you need to approach your managed chat support carefully with a clear strategy. Here are a few strategies that can be adopted for the comprehensive chat support.

There can be various reasons for providing live chat support on your website.  A site may be experiencing a high cart abandoning rate, or a new website might require you to focus on providing the best customer service to build a clientele. Hence, it is important that your mission and reason for employing a chat service is specific and concise

Similarly, it is also essential to collect customer information. As discussed above that your mission for live chat support on your website could be to gain the customer base. Even if it’s not, this can be done to increase your database and eventually for increasing sales for your online e-commerce website. This can either be done by asking your customer directly when chatting or providing forms at the end or beginning of the conversation.

Different businesses would need and have different expectations from a live chat support service. It is important to answer questions such as the target market, tone of the chat, whether there is specific training is required, or just a script would do fine.

Proactive chat support is another feature that has become popular and essential for online businesses. Smart chat triggers allow companies to target customers and help them finalize, close deals and reduce cart abandoning rate for their website

Another important factor to consider is whether to provide 24/7 chat support or for a limited number of hours per day. Most BtB business would not require a round the clock chat availability whereas for BtC 24/7 chat support is ideal.

In order to provide the best customer service through chat support, it is vital that it define objectives, devise strategy to collect consumer data, decide on the most suitable time for support and clearly answer business-specific customer support questions. By incorporating all these factors into your customer service strategy, your company can elevate your online customer service.




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