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How to get positive feedback through live chat support

Operating a business online is not an easy task. Have you ever wondered why your website has an increasing bounce rate, low sign ups and most importantly declining sales. Incorporating customer feedback can provide all the right answers for you.

You can either conducts time-consuming surveys, spam your customers with hundreds of email or could easily have a live chat support system on your site and ask for customer feedback directly.

  • A live chat agent service can instantly assist inquiries right when an issue arise. It’s a quick way of providing the best customer service, you can reply to their chat requests, speak with multiple audiences all at once. Moreover, you could proactively send chat requests to the client after examining at which stage of sales funnel they are. On top of providing standard feedback of your general customer service, live chat support can also generate reviews for your products, content publishing, and overall website experience.
  • Modern chat invitations provide you with the option of triggering chat windows which can allow you to communicate with your client and ask questions and generate answers. An example would be asking for suggestions on which blog topics to cover or which products would like availability to.
  • Classic chat is another conventionally way of getting feedback from your customers. You wait for your customer to initiate. This is relatively less invasive and has a lower response rate. It also consist of pre-chat form with relevant information such as name, email, and department
  • Another option of getting feedback through live chat is gathering feedback through forms when your agents are offline. This permits you to ask for feedback and surveys even during times when your site live chat service is not functional.

There are several ways through which live chat service can generate positive feedback such as Modern and classic chat initiation techniques, offline forms and audio and video chat option.




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