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How to enhance your support team’s skills and retain them

It is always viable for businesses to invest in their current employees instead of hiring new employees. Hiring a new employee is costly as there are cost associated of their hiring and training, you need employees who can play a crucial part in providing the best customer support as they are the face of your business. The way your support team interacts with your customers is going to influence their opinions and shape brand image in your customers mind.

When you fire or lose an employee there are a lot of problems associated with it.There are a lot of direct and in-direct costs such as hiring new employees, training, lost experience and knowledge. Unless an employee has been really disastrous for your firm, a company should always try to avoid these costs by reinvesting in them. The following are some ways through which you could retain your current employees and enhance their capabilities.

  • It is always beneficial to have your employees attending seminars and training sessions externally on topics such as leadership skills and time management skills. However, internal training is also very important, you r employee should know about your product and your offerings. Any updates r new features for instance that has been added to your customer chat support should be clearly explained to the agents in order for them to provide the best customer service.
  • Another thing businesses could do is provide employees with performance based bonuses. This is going to provide an incentive to your employee and he is going to perform to the best of their ability. Moreover, it’s also going to encourage to come up with innovative ideas as they are going to be rewarded for it and ultimately enhance your customer service.
  • Similarly, it is also a good idea to include to employees in product development meeting or have their opinions noted. Your customer support team members are in direct contact with your customer and know what the customers wants and the problems they face .Hence, it can add to your product offerings.
  • Ongoing reviews, such as quarterly evaluation can be much more helpful than yearly evaluation. As the first gives your employees time to change and enhance their skills and for the later not a lot can be changed or done after a year has passed. Also such evaluation should have two way communication so the employee can also share his/her experiences and the issues they are facing.

It is far better to retain your current employees and enhance their skills in comparison to hiring a new employee and then training them from the grass root. In order to improve your customer retention rate businesses should provide internal training, reward employees for performance, involving them in product development and doing quarterly evaluations.

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