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How to build a positive customer relationship with your clients using live chat


We all have come across this famous proverb over and over again “First impression is the last impression, ” and just like its true for all walks of life it’s also true when it comes to providing quality customer support through live chat.

To create a perfect chat greeting that’s able to engage and gain the trust of a client on your website is not an easy task. However, the way you interact and converse with your customer is going to help them understand your problem resolution capabilities. Moreover, it allows you to deal with them proactively and provide instant support.

So whenever a customer comes in contact with your chat support for the first time, here are a few things that your chat support can do to greet your customer and make the best first impression.

  • Smart chat trigger is a very good option for sending automated and personalized greetings to your customers who are on your website based on certain defined criteria such as location, time, returning customer, page etc. For instance, you are noticing a customer who is on the checkout page for some time and maybe is facing a problem, provides an excellent opportunity to use chat trigger to resolve their issue and complete the purchase.

For Example:

Hi, Do you have any inquires related to one of our products?

  • The way you create your customer greetings is essential. It should not be too long or short and should be done in a formal, friendly and personalized manner. Live chat support enable you to provide insights into information such as customer location, region and based on these factors you can give them a personalized experience by communicating with them in their local language.
  • Similarly, adding the chat agents name can also give the chat experience a more human touch. Both the customer and the agent are not able to see each other. Hence, a live chat support with a profile picture, name and designation would make the client feel like they are in actual conversation with a representative. Do not use random pictures of people wearing headsets and it’s going to give a wrong impression

Live managed chat support can help businesses to build a positive customer relationship with their client base. The secret lies in making a positive first impression. A positive impression can be created by sending target market-based greetings, by using greeting in a personalized way and adding a human touch to your chat support.

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