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Free Live Chat Solution: True or a Gimmick

The internet is full of freebies, and you will even find vendors claiming to provide a live chat service or software free of cost, and it is true some of the times. Even if it works, the question you needs to answer is it going to be up to the enterprise-grade standard, definitely not and would you be compromising on the quality of your chat support, apparently yes.  The following blog discusses the factors that need to be considered when making such a decision.

A live chat support or solution should be reliable. This is of utmost importance for any business and especially Ecommerce businesses online. Such companies and website require their service to be available for all the times and without any lags or a dip in performance

If due a problem the live chat support is not working, your business starts losing money regarding sales in real-time as whatever query your customer has is not going to get resolved, and the potential customer can switch to the competitor. Your client might be making a purchasing decision and might require some information. This is an important time to convert a customer and having no chat support at his moment is not only going to bring down your revenue but also your reputation.

Similarly, there would be not guarantee of performance, and the business would have to adjust their service in accordance with the service provider. In comparison a high quality paid service would be at your doorstep to provide a customized experience for your website.

Another important issue to consider is data security. How reliable would be the security of free support, you are going to be handling valuable and personal customer details such as credit card and social security numbers which cannot be played with.

The internet is a very tempting place and often gives you the impression of providing different solutions free of cast. When making a decision to hire a chat service, it is important to look for these factors. Such as reliability, data security, the effect on sales, ROI and performance guarantee to finalize your decision.

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