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Best practices to generate more conversions through live chat support


Businesses have two options when it comes to providing chat support. Either they can do it on their own by developing in-house live chat support for their customers or outsource live chat support. Irrespective of what your decision is an effective chat support should be able to generate sales, conversions and grow profit for your company. The following are some of the best practices that can help your business improve conversion rates.

  • It is of great importance that your live chat support colour scheme and design matches with your company’s branding. So that it’s visually more attractive and appealing.
  • Live chat these days has become the most popular medium of communication for clients with companies for their issues. It gives the users the ability to stay relatively anonymous without providing personal information. Hence, customers are more open when speaking with the agent. It further helps saves you and your customers time. With the help of canned responses and site URLs you can provide immediate responses to customer’s queries and they instantly get their answer. Additionally, automated personalized greetings and messages can also be sent to clients, providing instant support.
  • It is extremely important that live chat agents have all the information related to your products and services. Over 90% of the customer consider chat agents having knowledge related to products as the important factor when on a website.
  • Every conversation through a live chat should be done in a friendly and casual manner. So that your customer is more prone to share their queries and information with you. This does not mean not following grammatical and punctuation guidelines.
  • An outsource live chat support is important for providing the best customer service. However, frequent live chat pop-ups are annoying and invasive to customers. Customers favour live chat experience that they initiate on their own.

It is vital that your chat support is able to cater to your audience in friendly and personalized manner. You chat window design should be in line with your brand. Moreover, your chat support agents should have all the knowledge related to your products but should not aggressively pursue your customers to chat with you.




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