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Best customer support practices to guarantee quick response through live chat


If you want to efficiently provide the best support to your customers it is vital that you provide quick responses to your customers. How fast your support team reply to customer queries is one of the most important factor for customer satisfaction. Over 50% of the customers report dissatisfaction if they are unable to speak to an official representative instantly.

Nevertheless, there are numerous ways which could be adapted to provide fast responses to your customers and keep your customer satisfaction rate high. Following are a few strategies that can help your customer service become more responsive.

  • One good way is to examine and study different metrics and analytics, which would enable your business to make effective decision regarding your customer support. It can allow you to save cost for instance figuring out the peak and slow hours and assigning relevant number of agents.
  • Whereas a phone support agent can only handle one phone call at a time, a live chat agent can handle multiple chats, allowing them to provide quicker customer service. As a result, it may be worth putting emphasis on these channels, such as by offering proactive live chat invitations on your website or prominently featuring particular customer service channels over others.
  • Tools such as live chat report allows businesses to handle and deal with multiple customers at a time in comparison through a phone support only one customer can be dealt at a time. A live chat agent can respond quicker.
  • Similarly, your customer service agent should have the perfect knowledge and information regarding your business, product and services will enable them to provide instant responses to the customers without having to consult senior representatives or consulting the script over and over again. Moreover, agents can be given access to your company’s knowledge portal they may need to resolve a customer query.
  • Additionally, delegating authority to your customer service reps can also allow quicker response. They would not have to consult the supervisor for giving discount and would be able to take decisions instantly and resolve customer issue. A limited discount allotment could be assigned to the service reps to use in such cases.

There are many ways through which a business can provide quick and instant response to their customers. Your support team can learn about customer preferences through metrics and analytics.                  A live chat support can be implemented for dealing with multiple customers. Moreover, your support agents should be trained with business dynamics and additionally be given authority to resolve issues right there and then without waiting for a response from a senior.


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