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3 secrets to Increase your online revenue

You might made a huge investment and with the best of products on your website and still observed a lack of sale or revenue.  Next you try to employ services of firms by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for increasing your revenue. Implementing a heavy investment based marketing campaign may help. But it’s not that’s simple nor practical for your business needs.

The following blog discusses 3 simple yet effective tips that can help elevate your e-commerce revenue in no time.

Include Upsells that are relevant:

A lot of the times when you visit an online E-Commerce website live chat agents try to upsell. Upselling is a sales technique where your offer your customers bundles that are much expensive and contain add-ons to exploit the value of their purchase.

Let’s take the example of amazon. Let’s say a customer wants to buy a professional camera Canon Mark II and selects one of the options available. This is what they are going to see.

If you look down below you can see that amazon is trying to sell its customers a more expensive version of this camera with relevant add-ons ultimately making the purchase more expensive.

Add Cross Sells 

Cross selling is a sales technique where a customers in offered complementary good to the product they intent to purchase.

Again if we add to our previous example we can see amazon trying to sell complementary goods such as camera bags and SD cards which are less expensive than the original item. In 2006 alone amazon generated 35% of its sales through cross selling.

Capitalize on your best selling products

Knowing your best selling product is key as it is going help you identify your customer’s preferences and allow you to know products which you should be emphasizing on and should be selling more.

Chat agents can be another good source of information when trying to retrieve information regarding your best selling products.

Find out your best selling products through Google Analytics. Once you recognize you r bestselling products you can use Up, Cross and other selling technique to generate more revenue.

There can be several ways through which an online business can generate more revenue for itself. It is really important to incorporate up-selling and cross-selling in to your e-commerce business. Moreover,itis also important to knowing customer preferences and your best selling products to make your business much more profitable.

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